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How I know so much about CBD.

Hi John, my name is Chris Rhodes and I’m from Marble Hill, MO.  I'm 52 and I've been a fan of yours since my sophomore year of college at Dyersburg State Community College when I started watching and playing golf in 1991. That was a good year, wasn't it? I’ve been in business for over 25 years in SE Missouri, mainly as a contractor, with businesses from a water well drilling company to a Radio Shack and satellite tv, internet and security provider.  Now I’m excited to share my newest venture with you, as well as an excellent investment opportunity.
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It all started with an accident.

About 20 years ago I had a water well drilling company and picked up a piece of well casing at the rig one day and hurt my back.  With no help from the chiropractor, therapy, salves and creams, I learned to live with the pain thinking that I’d just have surgery someday when I had time.  I also developed shoulder pain over the years.  I figured that I would have that fixed someday too.  Then one day last spring my wife stopped at an Amish farm store to buy some flowers and noticed some CBD cream at the counter.  Having read a little about it and since it was an Amish store, she thought it must be safe to try so she bought it for me. 

Within a few days I went from being in pain tying my shoes and putting my seat belt on, to swinging a golf club in my yard again, pain free. I immediately started researching CBD. There’s a lot to learn but in a nutshell, it's an anti inflammatory, it's all natural and it works. The difference in brands is how the CBD oil is extracted and the rest of the ingredients used in the process.

My research also found that as many brands as there were available, none of them really appealed to me.  So I started my own brand.  A brand whose goal is to help active men and women on the "Back 9" (see what I did there?) of their lives live pain free with out having to have surgery. I found a manufacturer in Colorado making top shelf premium USDA Organic Certified CBD oil and products. I borrowed $50k, come up with the brand and had them make me my first batch of inventory. They also store the product for me and fill any orders that come in through my website.

I've spent over a year and around $50k getting the brand started including inventory. The consumer website is back9organics.com and I just built a dealer website and sent about 100 emails out to golf pro shops between St. Louis and Jackson, MS along I-55. I live about 20 miles from I-55. Here's a link to the dealer invite. The plan for now is to just keep contacting golf courses. I've yet to hear back from any of them though. If you were a partner I'm pretty sure they would show more interest. This stuff is for real and customers will continue to buy it once they experience the benefits of it. It is recurring revenue. I have a recurring revenue business. I own a rural internet business that customers pay me for every month. It's pretty easy money, but it's getting more and more competitive. Profit margins are very good with CBD products now. We could make a bunch of money with this stuff and give a lot of it away. This market is still brand new. Projected sales in the U.S. by 2024 are $20 billion and $47 billion by '28. All of the social media platforms restrict CBD advertising right now. So they say. I see CBD ad's on there all the time but FaceBook almost took my page down because I kept trying to run ads. I finally gave up. I think you have to spend thousands of dollars for an ad agency to do some kind of work around on the platform to run ads for CBD. With your following all we would need is for you to start sharing us and people would start coming to the website. Then I will continue trying to get us into pro shops. I sent a request to Dick's Sporting Goods to take a look at us a few weeks ago. It looks almost impossible to get on their shelves unless you're a minority or identify as a women or are on team LGBTQXYZ+ using their online application method. My great-great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee so I clicked on minority. Still haven't heard back from Dick's though. Maybe you could get us on their shelves another way? I can also have my oldest daughter make us some cool TikTok videos with you & the product. People love cool videos, especially of you. She graduated last year from Southeast Missouri State with a degree in marketing and runs an online boutique from our house. Here's one of her videos.

Pro Shop favorites are going to be our topical creams and salve because they give the quickest results.  Our soft gel capsules and tinctures (oil) perform as well as our topicals, but need to be taken regularly. 

Example,  I started using the cream and salve and got fast results with my back and shoulders. I later switched to one 1 dropper full of oil under my tongue every morning. I don’t need the cream or salve anymore unless I aggravate something.  I do apply the massage oil to my face and body though and it keeps my skin pretty healthy looking. I also dropped about 15 lbs. just because I felt better and started moving more.

There are so many claims out there about what CBD will do that are not honest. All I know is that it fixed my back and shoulder pain. I have a buddy who used it on his knees and it fixed his pain.

I do know that it will not make your penis bigger or get rid of severe hemorrhoids though. Lol  

I'm honest and hard working. I'm a pro Trump, conservative Christian, retired school board member, President of the board of my church and I like my Coors Light and "No Shoes Radio". I live with my wife of almost 30 years and our 3 children in the small town of Marble Hill were we both grew up about 30 miles west of Cape Girardeau. My wife helps run her family's Ford dealership that her grandpa started in 1935. Her Dad is 85 and not in great health. He lives next door to us alone and we're trying to keep him comfortable and out of the nursing home for as long as possible. When he does pass my wife will own half of the dealership with her uncle. She is the bread winner in our family right now and I'm wanting to change that.

Our son just finished his first year as a physical therapist in Cape. He and his lawyer buddy just started a property company and bought their first duplex as a rental. Our middle daughter graduated from Southeast Missouri State last year with a degree in marketing and runs an online boutique from our home. Our youngest daughter just graduated from high school and starts SEMO in the fall. She currently runs her own baked treats business from our basement kitchen. Her name is Caroline and naturally "Sweet Caroline" has been her theme song her whole life hence the name "Sweet Caroline's Treats". You can meet my whole family here on my FB page if you'd like. We've been very blessed.

I'm offering you 50% of the company to be the face and spokesperson. I'll take care of everything else. I've been working this as a side gig for no pay for over a year now but I see a boat in the Virgin Islands in my future. LOL If you decided to join me, you would just continue to be you and I'll make sure there is product ready to ship and take care of everything else. We can give a portion of the profits to charity and split the rest 50/50. This has the potential to be a global brand. We can build it and sell it or let our kids take it over while we cruise around in the Caribbean.

If you're interested let me know. I've done the hardest part now I'm willing to share half the venture with someone who can help make it grow fast. I can't think of a better guy than you.

All I ask is for you to try the products that I sent you and let me know if it helps your knees at all. If it does and you believe in me as a person, then I think the decision should be a no brainer.

Thanks for your time, I know you're busy and I hope to hear from you soon.


Chris Rhodes



Back 9 Organics, LLC, 16495 ST HWY FF, Marble Hill, MO 63764

Shoot me a text or call me on my cell @ (573) 238-5210

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Here's me and my youngest daughter at a Trump Rally.


Dude, this video is cool as hell. I love it! Good job.

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My son, Dr. Collin, PT and his buddies.

Collin is second from the left. You know where this is.

The Rhodes family in the Virgin Islands

Unfortunately this is not my boat. It's a charter.

Of course we're Cardinals fans.

Rhodes Drilling Co.

First water well as Rhodes Drilling Co. 1996

My oldest daughter Krista #7.

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